Merriam Library Gift Book Program

When you look at our beautiful library, it’s hard to see that our collection is aging every year, with books giving way to time and to avid reading.  Donations help the library to replace books that have aged out of circulation, or to add new titles in order to keep our available titles and their subject matter as current as possible.  The Merriam Library has modified the Gift Book Program this year in order to make helping out as simple as possible: 

The library has a large selection of gift books available for donation to the school library.  Donations are an important way of keeping our library collection current.  People often donate books simply as a gift from their child/family, or sometimes as a gift given from their child to thank a teacher.  Please feel free to stop by the library to select books to donate – Joan Hilton will be happy to assist you.

If you prefer, you may fill out this form, and send it in with your child, along with a check payable to the Merriam PTO.  The cost is $12 per book, which is the average cost of a book.  Place the form and the payment in an envelope marked Library/Gift Books.  Joan will select a book for you and a special bookplate will be placed in the book with the inscription you have chosen.  Your child will have the opportunity to be the first to take out the donated book.  Copies of this form are also available in the library.  Please contact Kate Lemke ( with any questions.