Elementary building project – AB School District is looking for community feedback!



The public forums are over – but there is still time to view the presentation online and provide your feedback that way.  Feedback must be submitted by the end of Monday, May 1st, as the information will be presented to the next Committee on Tuesday! Online presentation and feedback form available at http://www.abschools.org/district/school-capital-and-space-planning  Do you know someone with young children who are likely to be impacted by these decisions?  Make sure they’ve been apprised of the information too!

(GOING FORWARD – TIMELINE) During the month of May, the District Master Plan Review Committee will review all feedback received and present their findings to the School Committee at their meeting on June 8th. The Committee will then vote their recommendations for the building project’s feasibility study at their next meeting on June 22. As usual, these are open meetings where the public is welcome! 
Over the summer and into the fall, the community will again be asked to review the recommended building project as it has evolved and provide comment. That phase will culminate in Special Town Meetings in Acton and Boxborough on December 4, 2017,  where citizens will vote on feasibility study funding for the project. If both votes are successful, work will continue (and your feedback will be requested again!) as we move closer to a final school building design and additional votes to fund construction. 
Thank you for participating in this very important process for our community!
For more information, contact Kristina Rychlik at krychlik@abschools.org or abbuilding@abschools.org

The Acton Boxborough School District is looking for community feedback!  The district is beginning an elementary building project and is currently evaluating numerous options: 

  • Either a single school program per building, or multiple school programs per building (e.g., single, double/twin school, or triple school)
  • With or without an Early Childhood Center (ECC) (PK-K) option

These options vary in a number of ways:

  • The resulting number of school programs and/or buildings that remain 
  • The grade levels within each school program
  • The site location(s)
  • The overall project cost and timing
  • The other projects that will be done at remaining district buildings

Some of these options may result in a significant change from our current structure.  Please share your thoughts! 

For more information visit abschools.org or email abbuilding@abschools.org