Room Parents Needed! FAQ edition…. (still some spaces to fill…)

How much time is needed to be a Room Parent?  
A: Less than 1 hour most weeks
Can working parents be Room Parents?
A: Sure.  Any parent who can organize via e-mail, facebook, or even paper lists can be a Room Parent.
Does the Room Parent have to be available certain hours?
A: No.  It can be helpful if one Room Parent can be available for the Fall Fair (Sat 10/21 4-7pm), but the Room Parent job is to organize class parent volunteers and projects.  Some Room Parents very successfully organize, everything from home.
Can new parents to the Merriam volunteer?
A: Sure.  The Room Parent Coordinator sends e-mails with hints about events and even templates for common e-mails that many Room Parents might want to send.  There is no need to be a “veteran” Merriam parent to volunteer.
Who do I contact with questions or to volunteer?
A:  Leah Abraham (Room Parent Coordinator)
Here is the list of still open slots:
2018 grade Teacher   needs Room
K – Full Karen Sonner needs 1 135
K – 1/2 AM Caroline McCarthy needs 2 132
Grade 1 Lauren Bova needs 2 234
Grade 1 Linda McMullon needs 2 224
Grade 2 Fran Strohm needs 1 133
Grade 2 Netta Porth needs 2 334
Grade 3 Kaitlin Nealon needs 2 323
Grade 3 Michele Pruett needs 2 233
Grade 4 Colm McDermott needs 1 230
Grade 4 Joanne Mills needs 1 331
Grade 5 Lucia Salamone-Lister needs 2 324
Grade 5 Martha Sheridan needs 2 321
Grade 5 Kate Shiebler needs 2 235
Grade 6 Vanessa Mann needs 1 332

Rewards include:

• Meeting the other parents of your child’s
• Helping to make parent involvement in the classroom an effective tool for the

Being a Room Parent is a great way to be active in the
Merriam Community even if your time is limited!