A Grateful ‘Thank You’ for everything Fall Fair

The 8th Annual Fall Fair was So. Much. Fun.

This much anticipated annual event is entirely reliant on the time and energy of volunteers.  We’d like to thank and acknowledge the incredible effort put forth by the Fall Fair Team members: Christopher Hardy, Xuena Lin, Rhonda Capobianco Bleka, Susan McWeeney Newsham, Artemis Ghaneh Blair, Ross Wolfson, Leah Abraham, and Deniz B Temel, Nora Moser McMillan, Melissa Craig Buono, and Shirlee Stein.  Special thanks to Mary and Dave, who made the Rock Wall and the Balance Beam possible!   

So many thanks also to the Room Parents for their invaluable work on the booths, and for contacting the troops that it takes to run them.  Troops?  The Fall Fair could not run without you!  Thank you to the countless volunteers who ran the booths, served food, assisted with the gym activities, welcomed people at the intake table and donated ALL THE THINGS!  

Really.  Thank you.  This is what makes Merriam’s Community so special.  Cannot wait to see you all there again next year!