Camp Fair Gratitude – 25 Years Strong Thanks to You!

25 Years Strong Thanks to You! 
Merriam and the Camp Fair Team are So Thankful for all of the people who came together to make this another successful Summer Camp Fair. As most of you know this takes a lot of work, donations and volunteers. As usual the Merriam Community did not disappoint with over 50 Volunteers/Donors! Not to mention the tremendous support from the PTO. 
I would also personally like to thank the Camp Fair Team (Brooke Manfredi, Sarah Amorin, Laura Tannenbaum, Alycen Nigro, Denise Lapierre, Beth Lis, Megan Smith and Jayanthi Srinath) for their hard work and dedication from August to February. It is no small task and you are truly appreciated! 

With Sincere Thanks!   

The PTO would like to add its own thanks, to Maria Pickett.  Her steady hand at the helm makes all the difference.