There are a lot of donations and/or volunteer spots that still need filling on the signup for the camp fair. Don’t feel you have to do it all….one hour, or one donation item is GREAT! (more is also fine!)

Food donations for the Camp Fair portioned into small pieces so that people can help out without feeling financially drained by it. Every single item helps. Volunteering for the Summer Camp Fair can be a lot of fun, and does not require an entire evening’s commitment. Virtually all the tasks are one-hour slots. Any responsible 7-12th graders looking for volunteer hours are welcome to sign up also!! Please click here to view types of help needed and possibly pick an open slot(s) on the two important dates: Tuesday 1/21 – stuffing camp fair bags and/or Thursday 1/23 – Camp Fair Jobs and Donations. Bake sale items are also listed. If you choose to make a donation to cover costs, please send your donation (labeled “Camp Fair”) into the Merriam Office by Thursday, 1/23 All checks should be made out to Merriam PTO. Thank you for all of your help!! Any questions? Please reach out to Maria Pickett!