Camp Fair Volunteer Opportunities (for you and/or your older student seeking volunteer hours….)

Volunteering for the Summer Camp Fair is always rewarding! There are a variety of ways that you can help out – virtually something to suit everyone (including, often, those 7-12th graders looking for volunteer hours)! Please click here to view types of help needed and possibly pick an open slot(s) on the two important dates: Tuesday 1/21 – stuffing camp fair bags and/or Thursday 1/23 – Camp Fair Jobs and Donations. Bake sale items are also listed. If you choose to make a donation to cover costs, please send your donation (labeled “Camp Fair”) into the Merriam Office by Thursday, 1/23 All checks should be made out to Merriam PTO. Thank you for all of your help!! Any questions? Please reach out to Maria Pickett!