Crocodile River Music – A Message from Merriam’s Cultural Enrichment Committee

Message from Merriam’s Cultural Enrichment Committee

 On May 5, 2017 the Crocodile River Music performed at Merriam’s all school meeting. The program called Bamako 2 Boston – is a high-energy, participatory concert focusing on music and dance of Mali, West Africa. The capital of Mali is Bamako, which means “Crocodile River”. The musicians played the authentic instruments from Mali which included djembe, dundun, balafon, n’goni, calabash, talking drum and karingya. The musicians wore the traditional Mali costume and taught students some Bambara words, a Mali language. In addition, the group conducted workshops for 5th and 6th graders.

 Very positive feedback from the Merriam community indicated that the students and the teachers enjoyed the performance and that it was full of energy and passion.

 The Crocodile River Music was sponsored by Merriam’s Cultural Enrichment Committee. Thank you.