Goodbye 2016/17 – thanks for such a great school year!

The ultimate N2K of the school year!  There have been momentous events this year – as a PTO, as a school body, and certainly, on an ongoing basis, as a district we are experiencing a lot of introspection and change.  

We wanted to thank everyone for their participation – in the events, in the fundraising, and in the above mentioned discussions.  We value being part of such an active, intelligent, passionate community.

We’d particularly like to thank all those who found time to volunteer, participate, and donate – whether it was once, or many many times during the school year – we are grateful and beholden – it would not be possible to achieve the funding of the assistants or the hosting of the fun events without each and every one of you.

Once again we’d like to thank everyone for their input on the survey – we continue to digest the results and examine how we can best embrace the many good, thought provoking comments that were offered.

You, as a community, were extremely kind and patient as we made efforts to go (mostly) paperless, and to launch our new communication engines.  We hope to continue to refine communication throughout the coming year.  

Finally – I’d like to offer a grateful salute to the leadership of the PTO – Claudia Hardy (Co-chair), Maria Pickett/Melissa Buono (Co-chair), Shirlee Stein (Treasurer) – thank you for the countless hours you contributed this year to serving the fundraising mandate and the community-building wishes of the school community.  It’s been a delight serving with you.

Wishing you a glorious, lazy, happy, safe, re-energizing summer.  See you back here in September!