January 11th – PTO Board Meeting Quick Update!

The Bylaws Committee is expected to reconvene in the next month to complete the work they put in before being unexpectedly derailed by the pandemic.  A community-wide vote on the new PTO bylaws is foreseen before the end of the school year.  

Two community-wide (everyone welcome!) virtual meetings are scheduled for the Spring.  A meeting on May 4th will focus on the progress of the Bylaws Committee and the path going forward for that project.  A meeting on June 9th will see our administration presenting the School Improvement Plan for the 2021/22 school year.  (This is a state-mandated document that is presented to the School Committee each year.  The administration would like to present this information to the community at large because it is an illuminating glimpse into what Merriam is doing extremely well, and into the goals they are setting for the school going forward.)

Our school year theme of Bridges will be explored in a presentation by an outside organization being prepared for an upcoming ASM.

A Spring Fun Run will be entering more formal planning stages in the near future, with all appropriate modifications needed to respect the pandemic.