Lots of Folks have Signed on as Room Parents (THANK YOU), but we still need a few more (please?)

Needs Teacher 2018 grade Room
1? Karen Sonner K – Full 135
1 Linda McMullon Grade 1 224
2 Netta Porth Grade 2 334
2 Michele Pruett Grade 3 233
1 Joanne Mills Grade 4 331
1 Melissa Reinhardt Grade 4 330
1 Lucia Salamone-Lister Grade 5 324
1 Martha Sheridan Grade 5 321
2 Kate Shiebler Grade 5 235
1 Vanessa Mann Grade 6 332
Room Parents definitely still needed!  It’s not too late – and you won’t be acting alone!  Great way to get more involved in the school, have your finger on the pulse of the classroom, and still not feel overcommitted.   Fall Fair booth selections will happen soon.  This year there are a few loaner games built by the RJ Grey tech club available – first come, first served.  The sooner a class has room parents in place, the better the options for classes who may not want to create a new game this year.