Merriam’s Staff always goes above and beyond – Thank You for Family Theme Night!!!

Merriam places enormous value on Community and Community Involvement – and so we wanted to highlight for a moment how unusual and fortunate we are to have teachers and staff members who take these values so much to heart, and who work so hard to make fun events possible. Family Theme Night was such fun, and the organizers went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure there were events to appeal to all possible interests. In addition to the planning, these exceptional people made themselves available outside of school hours to run this welcoming and fun event. We would like to extend humble and sincere thanks to:

  • The School Council: Vanessa Mann, Michelle Pruett, Trish Underwood, Bryant Amitrano, Caitlin Sullivan-Fields, Chris Brown, Karen Wolfson
  • Teacher Readers: Leah Lally, Linda McMullon, Wendy Gomez, Bridget Chamberas, Karen Sonner, Steve Goldstein
  • Additional Thanks to: Juliana Schneider, Anne Kress (former art teacher), Henry, Mark and Derek, Jayanthi, and Kathleen