Notes from Ed

This is the seventh year that I’ve posed the following question to fourteen of our students for the final newsletter: “What have you learned at school this year that you really enjoyed or you will never forget?”

Anamika (Principal for the Day, from Melissa’s class) and I interviewed two students from each grade level at Merriam to get a small sampling of responses to this question.  We were very curious to see what we would find.  Hope that you enjoy reading their answers as much as we enjoyed talking with them.

Here’s what they said:


(Noah)  – “Something I’ve been making that’s really fun are fuse beads.  They’re little beads that you iron into different shapes.  My favorite one was the cat shaped one.”

(Miriam) – “I learned to read!  I like the books and the pictures.  One of the first books I read was “Who Can Swim?”.   It was very exciting to read by myself.

First Grade:

(Alva) – “I learned math – the games that we play. One game is “Oh No 99”.  You start at zero and go to 99.  You have to stay on 99 or on 100.  If you go past 100 you lose.  It’s really fun.”

(Aidan) – “Math – because I love the math games with coins.  One is called “Race to Twenty-five Cents”.  You get a bunch of coins and you roll the dice and see how many cents you get.  The first person to get to twenty-five cents wins.  It’s fun!”

Second Grade:

(Gabby) – “ A quilt making project.  We had big pieces of paper and wallpaper and paper we could write on.  We also brought in things that were memories and we wrote about them.  In the center there was a picture of all of the trinkets and the papers you wrote on and other colorful papers were all around the trinkets.  The quilts turned out really nice.”

(Ephraim) – “ We’re studying about Kenya.  Each of us is studying a different animal.  We write different facts about the animal and draw a picture.  We’re also going to write a “Just So” story about the animal.  My animal is a jackal.  It’s fun looking up the facts and writing them down!”

Third Grade:

(Noah) – “I didn’t know that the Lowell Mills had 200 weaving machines in each room.  It was fun to learn about the Industrial Revolution.”

(Vani) –  “I learned a lot when we did a Readers Theater about the Pilgrims.  It showed how they lived, what they did, and all about their friendships.”

Fourth Grade:

(Shaina) – “In science we learned about landslides and it was really cool.  We watched videos and saw trees falling and what happened afterwards and that got my attention.  This fell into the topic of erosion and we read and learned even more about it.”

(Sam) – “I thought volcanoes were really cool.  It was really cool to do our experiments.  We blew into a straw to see which volcanoes made bigger bubbles and were more powerful – one was a cone volcano and the other one was more flat.   The flat one didn’t erupt as much lava.”

Fifth Grade:

(Ryan) – “ We’re studying pioneers and we’re playing a simulation game as a class.  We have separate groups and try to gain points for our group.  We do projects and research related to the pioneers.  It was fun to learn how the wagon was designed.  Martha reads a great book about pioneers to the class!”

(Hilary) – “ Martha encouraged us so much to read.  I’ve read so many more books this year because of her encouragement.  Out of the  84 books I’ve read most are realistic fiction and my favorites are “A Dog’s Purpose”, “Because of Mr. Terupt”, and “Double Identity”.”

Sixth Grade:

(Anders) – “I think the most fun project was Topics.  My topic was air and space. I researched the solar system and made a mobile and learned that some of Jupiter’s moons can support life.  I’m excited for when we present.”

(Evka)  – “One thing I liked is when we read a book then watched the movie.  Stephanie read “The Watsons Go to Birmingham” to us and then we watched the movie.  We could see the differences.  We’re doing an author story on Louis Sachar and we read “Holes” and pretty soon we’re going to watch that movie!”