Notes from Ed

“Resilience” – Merriam’s Theme for 2017-18

Welcome to this school year, everyone!  I hope that your summer has been enjoyable, restorative, and relaxing.

I’m sure that with the many things that we all did this summer, there were moments (of varying lengths) when we had to do our best to discover our ability to be resilient…

Challenging situations unfortunately don’t consult with us about when to arrive.   We might be in the middle of a drive to our vacation destination across the country and our car breaks down.  We might have a huge work presentation the next day and our child is up sick the entire night before.  We could order a new piece of furniture and discover that it comes in pieces, unassembled; we then work for hours only to discover that we’re missing the most important piece.  In the classroom a child might struggle with the same math problem over and over, or face repeated challenges in certain social situations, or may find it hard to concentrate in school due to difficulties at home.

So what is it that allows some of us to bounce back from difficult situations?  What makes it harder for others to do so?  Is resilience something we can teach, develop,  or learn?  How can we help the children and adults in our community to be as resilient as possible, in the face of difficult times?  These and other questions will be part of our explorations and activities related to resilience in the Merriam community this year.  We hope that you will join us in our Community Conversations as we discuss resilience and we also hope that you’ll ask your children what they are learning about resilience during our Theme Days and other events.

Coincidentally, the district Family Learning Series will be hosting speakers this year who will all be talking about different aspects of resilience.  It looks like we picked the right year to choose this as our theme!

I look forward to seeing you and talking with all of you soon.

~ Ed