Notes From Ed

“Community Building at its Best”

In the past two months I have attended two of our community events that put huge smiles on your children’s faces – the Fall Fair and the Staff vs. PTO Basketball Game. These events represent what is so good about our school community.  And I’ve noticed that these events have even more significance for me since they will be the last time taking part in them as principal of our school.

The fair provides for an amazing collaborative effort among parents, children, and staff.   The creativity involved in coming up with new booths each year for the kids’ enjoyment is phenomenal.  And I loved watching some of the older students run the booths, helping out younger kids throughout the afternoon.  Mary O’Brien, Dave James, and Leah Abraham all spent hours helping students (and a few adults) to scale the rock wall safely.  What a wonderful example of our core value of risk-taking!  My only regret is that I “forgot” to get my hair dyed this year.  A big thank you to Nora McMillan and her crew for organizing this day.   Great food, great fun, and great friends.  The fair is such a memorable event every year.

The basketball game provides a vehicle for teachers and parents to be silly, get some exercise, and to occasionally put a round ball through a hoop, while making the children laugh.  What a treat for the kids to see their parents and teachers playing “Duck Duck Goose” together on the gym floor.  Or displaying some of their dance moves.  Or playing a new “Rock Paper Scissors” game.  In the last few years we’ve had fifth and sixth graders join in the game as well, so that the kids go beyond being spectators.  And of course they are incredibly excited to potentially win a raffle to throw a pie at one of the staff team members at halftime.  The emphases at this game are entertainment, fun, and humor – along with sportsmanship.  It’s been an incredible honor to work with Carrie Matthews and her team on the game for these past seven years.

I love starting off the year with these two community activities at Merriam School.  There’s lots of laughter, lots of fun, and a great spirit among all of us.  And they represent what makes us a great community!

~ Ed