Notes from the Health Services Office

Immunization Requirements: Important Notice to parents/guardians of sixth graders

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has the following requirements for all students entering Grade 7 in September 2018:

MMR- 2 doses

Varicella – A physician-certified history of chicken pox disease or 2 doses of varicella vaccine

Hepatitis B – 3 doses

Tdap – A single dose of Tetanus, Diphtheria and acellular Pertussis vaccine

A copy of an up-to-date physical examination will also be required for all students before entering Grade 7.

Many of the above vaccines may have been administered while your child was in elementary school. Please check with your HealthCare Provider to be certain that your child’s immunizations are up-to-date and documented in his/her record. Send a copy of the exam and updated information record to your elementary school health office and the information will be included in your child’s health record when it is transferred to the Junior High School in June. If you do not have the necessary paperwork completed before the end of school, send it to the school nurse at the Junior High School (16 Charter Road) by August 31, 2018.