Notice of the Upcoming Merriam School Council Election

The interested parties have responded!  The Ballot is prepared!  Please check your student’s backpack on Tuesday for the Merriam School Council Election Ballot.  All you need to do is put a check mark beside the candidate you feel will best represent your family’s wishes/needs/ideals on the Merriam School Council, then return the ballot to the Merriam Office via backpack-mail by Friday, October 13th!   Thank you to the candidates, and thank you, in advance to everyone who votes!


All schools in Massachusetts are required to have a School Council.  As defined by the Education Reform Act, the School Council meets on a regular basis to assist the principal in:

  • Identifying educational needs of students,
  • Reviewing the annual budget, and
  • Formulating the school improvement plan, and educational goals and tracking progress toward these goals. 

Our School Council members include the principal, four parent representatives, three teacher representatives and at least one community member.  The Council typically meets 6:00PM to 7:30PM on the second Tuesday of most months throughout the school year.  In addition to meeting attendance, members may be responsible for subcommittee work.