November 13th’s Community PTO Meeting – Thanks and Preliminary Comments.

Offering sincere thanks to all those who attended the Community PTO meeting on November 13th. It was so very nice to be able to welcome Superintendent Peter Light with such a receptive crowd. His presentation was clear, and filled with valuable information regarding the School Building Project coming to the vote at December 10th Special Town Meetings. The audience provided thoughtful questions on the building project, to the benefit of all attendees. Following Superintendent Light’s presentation there was a lively, candid, and enriching discussion regarding the current relevance, inclusiveness, transparency of Merriam’s PTO, and equally regarding the focus group being formed to further discuss these matters with a view to reviewing and updating the PTO bylaws to bring them and the PTO more into harmony with the community as it currently exists, and possible paths forward (long-term and short-term). We look forward to many more such conversations, both formal and informal on the subject. Thank you for your passion, interest, and commitment. Merriam is so fortunate to have such a strong, caring community. Further thoughts resulting from the meeting will be communicated to you all in short order via emails and/or N2K!