Room Parents! (an explanation, and a call for volunteers)

What do Room Parents do?

Room parents help teachers with organizing volunteers for field trips and classroom parent volunteer hours. They help with organizing for their class PTO activities like the fall fair booth and spring auction art project. The room parents also often organize teacher gifts in Dec and June. Ideally, all the parents help with the room parent as chief organizer.  Also, room parents organize the parent potluck.  The goal of Room Parents is to organize.  Most Merriam parents volunteer for some Merriam or class events. Our wonderful Room Parents get the volunteers organized.

Here is the list of needed Room Parents:

K – FullTrish Underwoodgold
Grade 1Lauren Bovagold
Grade 1Melanie Walsh-Magerblue
Grade 2NettaTrumblegold
Grade 3Colm McDermottgold
Grade 3Sarah Underwoodgold
Grade 4Stephanie Hollandboth
Grade 5Alyson Whatcottblue
Grade 5Kate Shieblergold
Grade 6Vanessa Mannboth
Grade 6Molly Horangold
Grade 6Tasha Petersonblue

Any parent can be a Room Parent.  Time is flexible and totals ~ 0 – 2 hours most months.   Room Parents get e-mail instructions and templates from the PTO Room Parent coordinator over the year and access to a drive of sample communications and event details.