Room Parents Needed!

Thanks to those Room parents who have already volunteered!

We still need a few more in the following classrooms:

Leah’s Kindergarten – 2 Needed

Michele’s First grade – 2 Needed

Lucia’s Sixth Grade – 2 needed

Please email Leah Dafoulas ( if you are interested or have any questions.

More Info on Room Parenting:

Room parents help teachers with organizing volunteers for field trips and classroom parent volunteer hours. They help with organizing for their class PTO activities like the fall fair booth. The room parents also often organize teacher gifts in Dec and June. Ideally, all the parents help with the room parent as chief organizer.  Also, room parents organize the parent or class meet-up.  The theme is organize.  Most Merriam parents volunteer and help out.  Room Parents are the brave ones who organize the volunteers for each class.

Room Parent Duties

  • Organize volunteer efforts for fall fair booth / game (Fall Fair occurs in latter part of October)
  • Organize volunteers for in class help hours, events, field trips
  • Coordinate parent/class meet-up (may be hosted by any parent)
  • Organize teacher and aide presents for Winter Holidays and end of year
  • Organize for other PTO events as needed
  • Usually works out to ~1 hr per month (sometimes less and sometimes a bit more)