Spring Appeal – We have raised $12 450 (THANK YOU DONORS!) We need to raise a further $22 550. If we do not, the simple result will be fewer Assistant Hours for our children this Fall.

UPDATE!  THANK YOU To the families who donated last week….

We have received $12 450 in donations so far, which leaves $22 550 to go!

We still have a lot of ground to cover in order to have the assistant hours your children are accustomed to.   Donations can be made via Paypal, by downloading and printing this form, or by using the form that came home in backpack mail.  Another form will come home in backpack mail this week, in case you have lost yours!  

We know you all have a lot to read in your day to day life, so we’ll keep this to the point.

The AB School District will supply the funding necessary for 12 Assistant Hours per week per classroom per elementary school for the 2018-19 school year.

Merriam traditionally provides 18 Assistant Hours per week

The additional funding comes entirely from PTO fundraising.  There is no buffer, no cushion, no ‘extra’ socked away.

We need to raise $95 000 per year to pay for those 6 additional Assistant Hours per classroom/per week.  This includes the cost for accounting, insurance, certifications etc which are necessary for the PTO to function as a fundraising body

So far this year, with your help, we have raised approximately $60 000.

We need to raise a further $22 550.   If we do not, the simple result will be fewer Assistant Hours for our children this Fall.

If every Merriam family can contribute $100.00 during this direct appeal campaign, we will be able to meet our goal.   Some families have already contributed substantially this year, and we are deeply grateful for your generosity. Some families are not able to contribute.  While we ask every family to consider the $100.00 figure, you are obviously welcome to contribute more, and if $100.00 is not possible, please know that we will be grateful for any amount.

Please make your contribution by Friday, May 18, and we’ll keep you updated along the way.

You may donate via PayPal (using your Credit Card or your PayPal account) on our website at MerriamPTO.org.    Or you may download and print this form to send in to the office with your check.  The form should have come home in backpack mail this past Friday.

Merriam Spring Direct Appeal Donation



Please detach this slip, and return it to the office with your donation.  Checks should be payable to Merriam PTO.   Thank you for your generosity.