The Community Conversation on Homework Part II – A Summary!

On Monday, January 30th, the School Council and PTO sponsored our second Community Conversation of the year.  Dan Stouch began the meeting by sharing some of the wonderful events that the Acton Pip Stem  sponsors throughout the year.  We quickly transitioned into our second conversation addressing the topic of homework.

The purpose of the conversation was to challenge our assumptions by cross-referencing it with research on the topic of homework.  Attendees broke into small groups and were asked to read an article written from a perspective differing from their own. Groups then came together in order to review lists we had generated at the first Community Conversation- brainstorms of “homework pros and cons”.  This time allowed us to think more deeply about what assumptions we make and how these influence our own desire for a certain outcome.  Conversations were rich and lively and many expressed great appreciation for the opportunity to come together in this way.  We welcome you to join us later this spring for the third Community Conversation in this series.





Many Thanks to Juliana Schneider for contributing this article!