Volunteer with the Merriam PTO!

Welcome to the 2022- 2023 School Year! The Merriam PTO is excited to get back to work supporting our school community. 

What is the Merriam PTO?

The Merriam PTO is a volunteer group that works to facilitate parent and faculty communication, advocate for Merriam students, encourage parent involvement in the Merriam community, enhance Merriam community relations, and raise funds to enrich the educational experience at Merriam. The current Board Members are Co-Chairs- Beth Chimento and Jillean Price, Communications- Rhonda Belka, and Treasurer- Kate Foley.  There is no need to “join” the PTO at Merriam. All important grownups in the lives of our students are welcome. We will meet in the evenings throughout the school year to discuss opportunities and events for our community. Everyone is welcome at those meetings. Please join us.

How do I learn about PTO events? 

The PTO distributes a weekly newsletter via email, the N2K, that details all upcoming school and PTO events, as well as some community events. The first N2K will come out next Sunday night (9/11). Events are also posted on the Merriam School Community facebook page.

How can I get more involved? 

IN the coming weeks, you will see opportunities to volunteer for various events, such as the upcoming PTO basketball game.

We still need a Graduation Coordinator- June 2023

We are looking for a community member to work with the administration and 6th grade teachers to coordinate the 6th grade graduation ceremony, yearbooks, and tee shirts. Additional volunteers can certainly be recruited. Preferably this would not be a 6th grade parent.