Why is this N2K appearing in my mailbox?

Current Merriam parents, we present the second N2K of the year.   New Merriam Parents, we speak of the weekly PTO e-newsletter (Need-2-Know), and  you should be automatically subscribed (Alumnus Merriam Parents, you should be automatically unsubscribed) once the Parent Portal closes in a couple of weeks.  If you wish to subscribe for yourselves – you may do so at https://www.merriampto.org/site/n2k/  If you wish to unsubscribe yourself, there is a button at the bottom of each N2K where you can do so.  ALL current Merriam families will be newly (re)subscribed once the Portal information is collated.  We encourage you to remain subscribed after that time, as we distribute not only information from the PTO, but also AB community events, and communiques from ABRSD Health Services and Food Services, as well as our own Merriam Administration –  but whether or not you do so is always up to you.  🙂     N2K is generally sent the night before school begins on any given week.  If you ever have trouble receiving your N2K, please let me know?  Some email providers (gmail, notably) have had little quirks in the past, but we’re quite good at sorting most of them out by now.