Would you like to……Volunteer?

Hello Merriam Families – Every year we have a selection of volunteer opportunities that come available, and we hope you’ll peruse the list below and see if there is something that interests you!  Two are new, and have a more detailed explanation.  If you have any questions at all,  please contact Claudia Hardy at klaudjak@gmail.com

Grant Writer – In the interests of promoting future cultural events like the well-received Crocodile River performance, we’re hoping to find a parent (or parents?) who are experienced in the art of grant writing (or willing to learn….)  If you have skills in this area that you’d be willing to share (or enthusiasm for the cultural enrichment of our children) – please contact klaudjak@gmail.com    Can you help?

Volunteer Coordinator – Looking for someone to help sort and coordinate our volunteer efforts, to ensure that no volunteer or skill gets overlooked or forgotten!  Mentoring absolutely available.  Good fun for someone who enjoys communicating. – please contact Claudia Hardy at klaudjak@gmail.com!

Other positions that would welcome interested parties….

  • Incoming kindergarten playdate coordinator
  • Fall Fair chair
  • Fall Fair concessions
  • Fall Fair Activities/games
  • Fall Fair Decorations
  • Red Sox Night contact
  • Bowling night contact
  • Dine Out Night coordinator
  • Tag/Open Market coordinator
  • Coupon Book coordinator
  • Auction Team members
  • SCRIPS/Paperless Fundraising coordinator